I am an ASP.NET developer, currently working as a Programmer Writer at Sitecore! I enjoy programming, Minecraft, Magic the Gathering, cats, baking, the storage section in IKEA, and black coffee.


Twitter: mhwelander
GitHub: mhwelander
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDXoMFgEmq04bJ3mgFESe0A

I also blog about being a Programmer Writer and contribute to the MasterSitecore YouTube channel.


Dude, where does my data go? (SUGCON 2015, Eindhoven)
Google is Just a Two Page Site (Nordic Sitecore Conference 2015, Malmö)
I refactored doc.sitecore.net and all I got was this experience (SUGCON 2016, Copenhagen)
Becoming An Experience Developer: A Technical Deep Dive into xDB (Sypmosium 2016, New Orleans)

Catching Exceptions


Logo font by Pecita


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