Sitecore presentation details: How do you deal with content that appears on every page?

I have a footer with some content that appears on every page:

My requirements for this footer are:

  • The footer must be identical on every page, and it should not be possible for an editor or administrator to remove the footer, re-order the components, or change the content on a per-page basis
  • The editor should be able to choose whether there are two, three, or four components in the footer
  • The editor should be able to edit the content in each component
  • The solution must work for a multi-site installation

The options I have come up with are:

  • Have a ‘footer’ root folder in a configuration folder with a number of ‘component’ children – the footer sublayout finds the footer root folder by template, loops through the children and outputs the content, but caps the number at 4
  • Have a ‘footer’ configuration item with a ‘components’ multi-list and a ‘sublayout’ droptree – pick the sublayout that you want to use (two column block, three column block, four column block) and for each item selected in the multi-list, dynamically add the chosen sublayout to a placeholder and set the item as the data source

The second option doesn’t seem particularly clean, and the first option is a very different way of adding content compared to the usual ‘add component’ > ‘set datasource’.

How would you solve this problem? Do you think that it is a relevant use case?


  1. Hi Martina,

    I would go with a solution similar to option 1, but set your footer sublayouts’ datasource to being the footer root folder — this will help out in not hard-coding any xpath queries. I’ve used to get the sublayouts’ Datasource Items in the past.

    You might also want to avoid hard-coding the maximum number of items — the design could change in the future where another number might be called for, and you would have to make a code change to make it work. I would make this number content editable.

    I hope this helps.


  2. Thanks Mike – that’s very helpful. Your approach is better from a DMS point of view, too (personalization and A/B testing of different footers).

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